About Us

Our Mission

Provide Total Creative Solutions
that Bring Happiness

Corporations face problems everyday. Our mission is to simply find the solution and resolve them. We believe that we can offer creative solution to problems for the company’s operation, tool or brand concept.

Not only related to creative work, but in order to find solution to every problem, we believe creative view and thinking are the key. However, solution does not consist in simply inputting into a template resolution plan. Companies have to face communication tools that are becoming diversified every day, along the continuous progress in social media technology.In order to find mutual happiness for client companies as well as users in today’s society, we believe the key to success is to find the perfect blend of marketing and creativity.

Our core belief is to utilize our experience in both digital marketing and creative field so that we may offer total creative solution to both client companies and users.

Our Vision

Make Everyone Happy through
Creative & Marketing Work

We always wish happiness for everyone involved as we work. For example, we believe that sales increase is one of business successes, which is a form of happiness. Therefore, we are always looking forward to achieve a result that our customers perceive as fun, exciting, greatness and best for their businesses.

Utilizing creativity and marketing in the world of business, we are aiming to create a future that offers more fun and more exciting environment for the future.