Our Approach

It is not vey difficult to reach a solution when the core business problem is identifiable. However in realty, it is most common to find cases where core issue is unknown, or companies try to solve issues without identifying the problem. First, we, along with our clients, identify the problem and start reviewing through several points of view then, we move forward to finding the best matching solution.


First, we listen. What would you like to do? What you feel as the problem? What are your thoughts in short as well as long term? Etc…We will listen to any of your thoughts, even when you may only have rough ideas.


Once listening to our client’s concern, we take it back to our team for brainstorming. It consists of us repetitively suggesting ideas, review, organizing, and coming up with a plan. If necessary, we will ask our clients for further questionnaire session.


Once we have gathered detailed plan, we will present our first proposal. We may ask at this point that there is no misunderstanding and if necessary, we re-organize our proposal and offer a second one.


Once agreed upon on our proposal, we “kickoff” start our work. We may request further questionnaire in order to gather necessary information needed to move forward on our project. At this time, we make a schedule for target completion date as well as other necessary confirmation dates.


At necessary timing, we will convene and give a report and request for confirmation. Please note the number of mid-process meeting will depend on the project and its schedule.

Present Design Mock-up

For design work, we will go over the mock up and request for your approval. This step is to confirm that there is no gap in the design direction of concept.

QA / Final Approval / Delivery

We offer detailed service on final adjustment as well as QA (Quality Assurance). Before delivery of final project, we will go over final approval of information, quality with our clients.

Follow Up

Depending on project contents, we offer support follow up as well as instruction lecture to clients’ staff. In addition, we may offer data analysis on after completion in order to identify where improvement may be needed for the future.