Our Services

We face every client requests and projects with the same stance and approach. By looking into businesses through creative vision and thinking, and revising important business points by looking into detailed creative analysis, we can offer a solution that fits everyone’s need.

Website Develoment / Operation

We cannot say enough about the importance of having a website for companies. Is the message for audience relayed the way it is being looked for? This is the core message when it comes to what is needed in a website.

Corporate Site
Using our expertise in consulting with different business models and types, we will offer contents and designs that exactly matches every clients’ need.
Product Branding Site
It is not enough to just show design or contents in order to deliver the product’s attractiveness to the audience. Thus, we will combine these two qualities to catch the heart of audience.
Campaign Site
We will come up with contents that that will results in actions by providing targeting campaign goals. Then offer design that has effective impact.
E-commerce Site
There is a difference in how the e-commerce sites are used by consumers between the US and Japan. As we understand both countries’ need, we can offer e-commerce site that is effective and can respond to its demand.
Digital Marketing

By combining several methods, we conduct research on the best matching marketing ideas for our clients in order to increase visibility and attracting customers. In addition, through analysis and researching for results, we aim for clients’ success by revising and alteration.

Market Analysis
Business success cannot be achieved without market research and its analysis. For any kind of inquiry, first we start with by conducting some research. We find possible new topic, its resolution by researching the market through several angles.
SNS Strategy
Effective utilization of SNS is one of the ongoing tasks required in various aspects of business. We can help you in every aspect from short-term campaigns to long-term branding.
SEO strategy is difficult to find the starting point in spite of knowing that it is necessary major step. First, we conduct review on present status, then reorganize necessary work flow, finally identifying necessary steps
Local SEO
We also support Local SEO which is necessary to be stronger for local searching through onine map. Not only we take care of local store front businesses but also online business well so please ask us freely about this service.
Ad Creation/ Publishing
Digital advertising consists of diversified kind of shapes and types demonstrating its strength as well as weakness. We offer our proposal based on media effectiveness and its visual impact yet consistently considering clients’ target and budget.

We propose strategies for our clients by pinpointing their problems and subjects. In addition, we will follow up other business related creative and tasks as well. Even you may be unsure at this time why business is not going well or you have new project in mind, please do discuss with us at once.

There are different ways of approaching even in the same branding field. We offer attractive stories that match perfectly with branding plan for individual product to business/corporation’ branding.
  • Business Service Branding
  • Product Branding
  • Corporate Branding
Attract Customers / CV Improvement
There are several possible reasons behind the reason why customer numbers are not increasing or the conversion rate is not effective. These reasons could be directly related to website’s UI issues, other sales marketing tools and/or ineffectiveness of its whole process. After analyzing its status through several angle, we will offer a reform plan.
  • Sales Process Reform
  • UI design reform
  • Direct Marketing
Creative Work

We offer high quality creative work with stories and scenarios that have been proved with research results. Our team can create creative work at every phase of your need, from project planning, media shooting, copyrighting, design work, final design, quality check on printed materials to its delivery.

CI/ BI/ VI Creation
We can offer creative work that stays in client’s customers’ mind.
  • Product Logo
  • Corporate Logo
  • Service Logo
  • Product Name/ Catch Phrase
Digital Media
We can accommodate with every kind of creative work related to digital media.
Printing Media
Appeal from printing materials is different from digital media. There is a result that can only be achieved by printing materials. Our total service work will consist of planning, designing to printing.
  • Flyer
  • Poster
  • Business Kit
  • Product Concept Book
  • Corporate Concept Book
  • POP / SPP
Video Creation
We offer video creation services starting with project planning, personnel hiring, shooting, direction, editing, to delivery.
  • Promotion Video
  • Branding Video
  • Motion Graphic Video
  • Web Video
Product Design
Our service include designing product and packaging that touches audience’ heart through practicality and its beauty. In addition, we offer designing and production of digital product such as an App.
  • Product Design
  • Package Design